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New Zealand’s hidden gem: Niue

Located in the Southern Pacific, the state of Niue is popularly known as the Rock of Polynesia. Niue enjoys free association with the state of New Zealand.  However, the state lacks full autonomy and consequently all residents of this state are deemed to be citizens of New Zealand. On account to this fact, the political leader of the state of Niue is the English Monarch.  The capital city of Niue is Alofi, whilst the largest village is called Hakupu. The island is sandwiched in a triangle between the Cook Islands to the South East of the island, Tonga, which is to the South West, and Samoa to the North West.

Niue in figures

A portrait of this island in figures is given below:

  • 260: this is the total land area in square kilometers.
  • 683: This is the country’s calling code.
  • 1,398: this is the total population of the island as per official estimates of the year 2009.
  • 1994: this is the year that the states independence in Foreign Relations was recognized by the United Nations. Self Governance and independent association with New Zealand was granted in the year 1974.
  • 19 03 S 169 52W: this is the coordinates of this country.

Attractions in Niue

Being an oceanic nation, most of the attractions around this island nation are centered on nature. The hot spots that are a must visit are:

  • Hikutavake: this is an area that has an impressive reef pool that can be explored by those who love nature. When exploring the reef, you may encounter turtles that are in abundance along the reef.
  • Togo Chasm and Talava Arches: this is a locality rich in sea caves and is a must visit for anyone who is a lover of marine life.
  • Sport fishing: unlike ordinary sports, fishing, this is an activity that takes place at night. Yes, nocturnal fishing! The intent is to enable one to net flying fish in this ocean.
  • Snake gulley and Anna Mahaga:  For those who love taking a walk through the wild side of life, one can basically take a dive in the midst of sea snakes at Snake Gulley.  One can also plunge through the under water currents via the twin chimneys at Anna Mahaga.

Car hire in Niue

For all these activities to take place, one needs a reliable mode of transport. Nieu being a small island nation, commuting is facilitated by independent car hire firms. These car rental entities need visitors have to buy insurance and possess an International driving license. The car rental agencies offer a package for everyone. This means that individuals on a holiday budget can easily get cheap car hire offers in Niue. Liaising with a car hire firm is a first step in ensuring that your holiday in the island Niue runs smoothly. To get a list of possible car rental entities that you can contact when in Nieu, you can look to internet listing on car hire services in Niue.

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